Franklin Style Manual Online

2.2. Formatting In-text Notes

As explained in Section 2.1, in‐text notes play an essential role in avoiding plagiarism, because they help you clearly identify which words and ideas come from sources and which ones are your own. The notes, also as covered Section 2.1, allow you to give readers key details—namely, the author and the year of publication—facilitating fuller access to information about the sources themselves, which readers can find on the References page. The following sections go into more depth about which details need to be presented within in‐text notes and how to format those details so they will not disrupt the flow of your writing.

Note that the examples in this section are given letters to allow for cross‐referencing throughout the section. Note also that a sample References page including entries for all sources used in these examples appears on this page. As you read the guidelines below and look at the examples, review carefully the connections between in‐text notes and fuller listings on the References page.

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